Stay Active With Lewy Body

Lewy Body Dementia is caused by the attachments of protein clusters to the nerve cells in a person's brain.

Admittedly I am a relative newcomer to the world of dementia so I can only talk about my first hand experiences. I’d love to hear about yours so please post them in the blog.

One of the things that I do is communicate with friends. I use Facebook quite a bit. Texting and phone calls are great. Most recently I’ve connected with people I worked with more than twenty-four years ago and I remember them like yesterday. I don’t understand how those old memories seem so clear when I can’t walk into a room and remember what I went there for. Nevertheless, I do remember these friends fondly!

One of these friends retired from work yesterday and it was great to be able to say congratulations. Maybe it means more after all this time. Another friend I’ve connected with recently had a son while we were working together and he is now senior pastor of a church in western Wisconsin. A friend I’ve always been in some form of contact with bought a blueberry farm and just enjoyed her first year in business, during Covid no less. I’ve connected with friends I haven’t seen since 1975. I’ve found it to be very fun to get back in touch but I also know many with this disease cannot.

Challenging my brain with electronic games has been a real eye opener. My neurologist told me to challenge myself with these types of games so playing some of them wasn’t new to me. I measure my brain status with a particular sudoku puzzle that is on my phone. It has thousands of variations so we can’t memorize solutions. About five years ago my average time to solve these puzzles was around three minutes. Now my average time is around twelve minutes but I love the challenge. That puzzle is the first one I do every day and I get a feel for how the day is going to go from it. It’s good for the brain and I can enjoy it. It’s a personal favorite and I’m sure there are hundreds of favorites in the Lewy Body community.

As I write this I am in a hospital bed at Mayo Clinic taking infusion therapy for another neurological disease God blessed me with. This one is curable, but the main benefit for my wife and I is the travel. We came here every three weeks for three days and try to make it like a mini-vacation. Our hotel has spacious rooms and underground parking (we live in Minnesota so that is huge to us). Rochester has many things to do and spring, summer and fall there are always festivals.