So Lucky!

Yes, I realize that I still have this dreaded disease, but there are so many with this same thing and they are in much worse shape than I am. Do I feel lucky? No, but the point is they need support from wherever they can get it.

I have joined several support organizations, including Lewy Body Dementia Support Group. I am also a member of the Lewy Body Dementia Association. I see many sad stories and reports and I think there must be something we can do for them.

Yesterday at 3:15 there was a post from the wife of a Lewy patient. The post was to let us know that her husband died at 2:34. It struck me how important it was to let her support group know what happened. It wasn’t 45 minutes after her husband’s death. This support group means so much to so many I am proud to be a part of it. The group was part of her family.

So how can I help more? One of the ways is to stay active on the support groups, but the other thing I am going to do is a podcast so people can hear some encouragement. Maybe some of you could be a guest!