My Faith

Lewy Body Dementia is caused by the attachments of protein clusters to the nerve cells in a person's brain.

Severe depression and a nervous breakdown led me to a place where I found myself a homeless person, albeit for a short time. I was living in St. Paul, MN moving from one shelter to another at night. One day in the spring I was hanging out with a group of guys discussing the events of the day. I got tired of it and went for a walk. I stopped at a corner and suddenly was in a state of euphoria! I loved my life again and felt like all the burdens of stress and relationships were gone. They really weren’t, but the Holy Spirit had engulfed my entire being. I got on a city bus to ride and think.

I got off the bus and was at the Union Gospel Mission in St. Paul. I went in the front door and immediately to my left there was a Bible Study happening! There was a man leading the study that was the head of a program called “The Discipleship Program.” He told me to come back tomorrow because he might have an opening in the program. I was ecstatic. The next day I was accepted into the program, thank God, and that was the start of a much deeper understanding of Christianity.

It might feel like I am changing subjects but bear with me. I started writing this six days ago and got two paragraphs in before grief overcame me. My son died of Covid-19 in October and his birthday was on March 9. I have been thinking about him a lot, as I’m sure you would be too. So there are two ways people probably think when something so cruel happens. I could have been angry with God or I could realize the truth of God’s nature. He was by my side anguishing with me and consoling me because He loves His creation unconditionally. My wife, a Godly woman, was right there helping me deal with it.

Faith is belief without proof. I have had way too many chances where I failed my family miserably. With my growth in understanding, the teachings of Christ I have become a person with growing empathy, care, understanding, and love for all things human. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Being diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease hasn’t shaken my faith one bit. In fact, He has called me to journal my experiences as I deal with this so that, if it helps one person, I have met my purpose that was inspired by Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.